The certified organic water decaffeination process preserves the original characteristics, aroma and full flavour of the green bean, to produce an amazing coffee experience free from chemicals and caffeine. 


It is our 3-Origin Signature Blend that has been enjoyed by customers for over a decade. Roasted in two colours to gain different characteristics from each origin. Using premium organic PNG gives a lovely full flavour, light and balanced acidity, with a light spice and pleasant cocoa finish. Perfect for both espresso and milk-based coffees.

Single Origin

The flavours of a Single Origin coffee is depicted by its origin, possessing characteristics of the specific area where each particular coffee bean was grown. Our Single Origin range includes- but is not limited to- Brazilian, Colombian and Papua New Guinean beans.

All of our coffee beans are strictly organic!

About Noego coffee

Dan Salter is the original Coffee Guy, a registered trading name that dominated the Brisbane coffee bar scene for more than a decade and the culmination of 25 years of research and experimentation covering all facets of the coffee industry. Dan has learnt from the masters how to roast coffee the ‘old way’, and has successfully applied this know-how to modern technologically-based roasting methods.

Noego Coffee Co. has been established in company with Dan’s wife and business partner Beverley, who manages the business side. She brings to the company more than 20 years of service industry experience in hospitality training, in the airline industry as a first class flight attendant and in Mind-Body Medicine & Holistic Counselling.

Thanks to their passion, the coffee that creates the unforgettable aroma at Noego, is produced with a whole lot of love.