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Which bean would you like?

  • Ananya

    Full flavour, Dry cacao, gentle spice

  •  Single Origin Colombian
    Single Origin Colombian

    Caremelised sugars and light pleasant citrus acidity

  •  Single Origin Brazilian
    Single Origin Brazilian

    Roasted Beer nuts, Balanced acid

  •  PNG Single Origin
    PNG Single Origin

    Blackcurrant, honey, light floral and dry cacao

  •  Cold Brew
    Cold Brew

    Toffee, malt and Hazelnut

  •  Surprise Me
    Surprise Me

    Recieve a different coffee each time inlcuding some bonus blends

Choose your grind

  • Anyaya
    Whole Beans
  • To maintain freshness keep coffee in bean form. Once coffee is ground it increases the surface area for oxygen to attack it. Just make sure you use a burr grinder... Blade grinders are only used for herbs or pot! Not coffee!

  • Anyaya
    Course Grind
  • This is a very course grind setting, like a flaked seasalt. It's ideal for these because they all use a filter that needs to catch the coffee particles without clogging the filter.

  • Anyaya
    Medium Paper Grind
  • Designed specifically for a metal drip filter machine that users a screen eith metal or plastic. This is a pretty course grind to ensure they coffee doesn't block the filter or fall into the cup.

  • Anyaya
    Medium Metal Grind
  • Medium Grind: Design for drip filter that uses a paper filterso the grind is a little finer, which allows more soluable solids to extracted in the brewing process than a metal filter.

  • Anyaya
    Course Espresso Grind
  • Commercial espresso grind is set for commercial coffee machines that generally a rotory water pump. Newer domestic coffee machines that use twin pumps and twin thermal blocks or boilers also tend to need a finer grind like this. Fine cold brew is for emersion Cold brew process where there are no filters used. We found this by accident and have found that it will give the coffee a far sweeter coffee with more depth. If you use this with cold drip or brew systems that require filters, it will block them. Ideal for the BOD cold brew system.

  • Anyaya
    Fine Espresso Grind
  • Most domestic espresso machines that use a vibratory pump, and a single thermo block will use a course espresso setting.

  • Anyaya
  • Turkish coffee is the finest of the espresso settings and is for turkish greek style coffee. It needs to be so fine that the coffee does not require filtering and grounds are served in the drink. It resembles powder.


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  • 2 KG

    1 cup per day

  • 2.5 KG

    2 cup per day

  • 3 KG

    4 cup per day

Would you like to offset your carbon emissions?

Did you know that 1kg of coffee emits 3.5kgs of Carbon Dioxide!!
By selecting YES below, we will plant one tree for just $1.50 with One Tree Planted.

This one time payment offsets 40kgs of Carbon Dioxide per year!

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    $1.50 will plant 1 tree! This will offset 6kg of coffee consumption for the year.


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To keep your coffee fresh we recommend using a reusable coffee canister with a CO2 valve.
It's how we're able to keep our coffee bags plastic free!

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