Toddy Cold Brewing System
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Toddy Cold Brewing System

The Toddy Cold Brew system is one of the simplest ways to produce the perfect cold brew! All you need is the Toddy, filtered water, and freshly ground coffee; then let it sit for 12 hours minimum and you'll have a delicious, home-made cold brew that will last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator! Toddy Cold Brew coffee can be enjoyed over ice, with cold water or your milk of choice, and also can be enjoyed with hot milk or water.

In 1964, a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell, Todd Simpson, developed and patented a cold brew system that used regular coffee beans to create a superior-tasting cup of coffee with approximately 67% less acidity than coffee made by conventional hot brew methods.

Not only is it super smooth, it is also better for you and easier on those more sensitive stomachs.

Brewing container with handle
Glass decanter with lid
2 x Reusable filters
Rubber stopper
Instructions and recipe guide

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