Noego Coffee Co

Coffee that’s Socially Responsible and Mother Earth Aware

Discerning coffee lovers will be able to taste the love in Noego coffee.

Noego Coffee Co. is not just a coffee shop. It is a coffee-loving roastery built and staffed by people who understand the bean and respect it.

They respect the coffee tree and the people who nurture its beans to maturity, and respect every bean during the roasting and brewing process. The result is a product that is holistically pure and nurtured with love during the entire process.

The Coffee Guy
Dan Salter and his wife and business partner Beverley are the talents who established the respected Noego brand.

Beginning with a Year 12 school experiment on the flavour profile of a stove-top espresso, Dan was hooked, and set his coffee career on a course that has exposed him to brewing, blending, sales, marketing and equipment R & D.

Applying himself to coffee experimentation, he studied roasting the ‘old way’, and applied his skills to the design and operation of blending and brewing technologies. He credits his time working with Belaroma, one of the most respected and well-known coffee suppliers in Australia for his advanced knowledge of the coffee making process. Dan’s reputation for coffee knowledge saw him invited as design consultant to a well known Australian company for the production of the first twin-boiler coffee machine for the domestic Australian market.

Dan, acting as a freelance Barista and Espresso Consultant, helped develop an approved process for TAFE barista courses, and also shared his knowledge for Christine Cottrell’s highly respected Barista Bible.

In the 1990s, he was among the first wave of true baristas to bring coffee to the public as a consumer product, through his Absolute Espresso in the West End that became the benchmark espresso bar in the city. For more than a decade Dan was better known as The Coffee Guy, dispensing his special brew in Brisbane’s first micro roastery. It’s a trading name he still owns and cherishes.

Typical of genuine ‘experts’, Dan is never satisfied, and continues to enjoy the coffee learning process. His style of roasting in which he does justice to each coffee bean, is unique, distinctive and popular among his clientele.

Ananya (Sanskrit meaning unique) is Noego’s classic coffee roast, in which several stages are used to optimise the flavour. Each batch of roasted coffee beans – Ananya, Single Origin, or Swiss Water Filtered Decaf – reflects Dan’s care, respect and love, these being the most important ingredients of all.

The Cold Brew
Noego Cold Brew is one of the most popular drinks during the warmer months. The secret to its success is Dan’s specifically chosen and roasted beans and carefully developed brewing process. Our customers, (no, they are more than that) our friends and work mates call Dan’s Cold Brew an effective thirst quencher with a kick.

Following the holistic path of respect for earth and nature, Noego Coffee Co. uses only organic beans. Even organic decaf beans have been ‘decaffed’ using the water filtered process, instead of being chemically stripped.

Coffee at home
The ritual of serving the perfect coffee at home is possible with the help of Noego coffee beans and the right choice of brewing equipment. That’s where you need the advice of Dan and his team.

The Noego headquarters is a museum of coffeedom and well worth a visit.

Order coffee and brewing equipment online via our Shop page, or visit Dan and the team at 18 Blanck Street, Ormeau. You’ll also find Noego at the Sunday organic markets at Miami on the Gold Coast.

Keep up with our products and projects on Facebook and Instagram.

Enjoy your beans!

Noego Coffee Co. HQ: 18 Blanck Street, Ormeau

Monday to Friday 5.30am - 2pm
Kitchen closed by 1pm

Saturday 6am - 12pm

Closed Public Holidays
Noego is closed on most public holidays.
(Closed for the Gold Coast Showday)
Check our Facebook or Instagram page for more details on specific public holidays.

Sunday Miami markets 6am - 11.30am
Grab yourself a coffee, coldbrew or our coffee beans from Miami Organic Markets every Sunday,
and every third Sunday of the month you will find Dan and the Noego Kombi Van roasting up a storm!

‘Being respectful and responsible is not hard.
It’s a choice to embrace a positive mindset that benefits everyone,
thereby avoiding exploitation and degradation.’  - Dan Salter